Like taxes and other important documents, it is essential to organize your car paperwork. Doing so will make your life easy and help you track when specific tasks were taken care of. Having essential documents handy will make it easy to sell your car or even deal with the insurance company in case of an accident. Invoices related to servicing should be retained to track how you have cared for your investment.


Essential documents to maintain in a folder


Service records are a track record of maintenance. Even if it is just an inspection or major parts replacement, keeping these records is important. It is a record of your vehicle’s history.


Purchases: Any receipts related to parts purchases – tires, brakes, etc. – will let you know what you spent.


Title documentation: When you buy a car from a dealer or an individual, you will have to keep this document. Other related documents are the purchase agreement, financing documents, CarFax reports, and title transfer.


Insurance policy: A copy of your insurance policy should always be available – put it in the glove box. You don’t want to be without critical information in case of an accident or get pulled over by the police.


Another car organization tip offered by experts is to make copies and put them in a binder. This consolidated log is a tracker for all the work that you have done to maintain and care for your investment. Another tip from experts is to make copies and upload them to a drive on the internet. This will help on the occasions that you forget to put a hard copy in the vehicle or if it is misplaced.


If you bought your vehicle at the Lexington Park Lincoln dealership in California, MD, you could get servicing done there too. This is a good way to track your vehicle history, whether it is maintenance or repairs. The Lexington Park Lincoln dealership looks forward to serving new and existing customers in cities like Cambridge, Waldorf, and La Plata. 

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